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Of course, METALLICA is very huge band now, and lots of METALLICA TRIBUTE albums were released. I think I got all of them, METAL MILLITIA I-II, DIE KRUPPS, APOCALYPTICA I-II, ... and some more?

Here comes another METALLICA TRIBUTE album from Korea. Of course, some songs are good, and others sucks.

1. CRASH [Blackened]
2. GAME OVER [Sad but true]
3. BOLT [Poor twisted me]
4. GENOCIDE [Welcome home]
5. SAHARA [Master of puppets]
6. C.O.B. [One]
7. NOIZEGARDEN [Ride the lightning]
8. KALPA [Fade to black]
9. NO WAY [Seek and destroy]

I think 1, 7, 8, 9 are good. I think 7>8>9>1. (Others are not very good.)

CRASH is one of the best Korean death metal band. They released 3 albums. They started their career as thrash-death band, but they would be FEAR FACTORY. I think their 1st., 2nd. albums were very good, but 3rd. sucked. They played [Blackened] as a little bit like FEAR FACTORY.

NOIZEGARDEN is very good band in Korea. Their style is very complicated. Their music style is (CATHEDRAL+BLACK SABBATH+DANZIG+...)/100. If there would be a chance, I'll write their review here.

KALPA is the legend of Korean black metal band. OATHEAN and SAD LEGEND are all after this band. Ahh... What a old-school black metal style... You would be shocked when you listen to this song. They changed [Fade to black] entirely!!!

NO WAY... I don't know who they are and what music they play exactly. But, in this album, they played like doom metal. So slow, so deep, so hard. ... Good stuff.

Though another songs aren't so good, cover artwork sucks, this album is still worth to listen. Because there are excellent 4 songs in this complication album. I think this album is more worthier than METAL MILLITIA II. (Of course, MM I was much better than MM II.)


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