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This is the NAM KI NAM's latest movie. Made in 1996, and seen in 1998. He's still making very cheesy movies, and we are very satisfied with that. ^_^

[CHUN NYUN HWAN SAENG] means 'Reborn after a thousand years later~', but this movie doesn't contain anything about that. Nobody awake after a thousand years-long sleep at all. This is another case of NAM's joke, as I think. ^_^

Have you ever seen any 70's Korean cheesy ghost horror movie? In fact, there were lots of them among 70-80's. I don't know exactly how many of them, because there're not any books or writings about them. So I'm collecting their data by myself.

When you watch this movie, you would shocked very much, because this movie is still very cheesy, though TROMA would not make such a cheesy movie now. Story is poor, SFX doesn't exist at all, and sometimes he used technics most 70's movies have used. Of course, I love them very much!

Of course, we Korean technics have improved much, so we could make [The Soul Guardian], [The Ginko Bed] and more. Whether their story line is poor or not, their visual has improved very much. But NAM is still making such a cheesy type movie. He is real king of Korean B-movie!!!

Tons of cheesy scenes, so I can't write down all of them. In fact, it's a little bit hard to find this movie in Korea, because it's very cheesy for 90's. But, if you are a B-movie addicts, this is a must for you. You would be very shocked as "Huh... Korean have such a great B-movie director!!! Why don't they import these films to us!!!" ^_^

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