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Kim Soo Chul

He's Little big giant of Korean music.


He started his music career as rock musican in late of 70's. Little big giant, his group, has released 2 albums at then, and they broke up. They were over average college rock group and their music was so good. After then, he's started his music career as a solo musican, one man band, and he did something well.

He did some solo album as a singer, Kim Soo Chul. He made some hit-chart songs in South Korea, and he became famous for that. But that's not why we call him great. He's made music for film from the early 80's. He's been trying to do some good Korean traditional music.


He made something more than just copy our traditional music.


[The road to Hwang chun(hades)] and [Sori for invocation] are 2 of his best works with Korean traditional music, the covers above. He likes to use synthesizer, Korean musical instruments and some more instruments together. Sometimes his music is alike New Age, so some Japanese music critic call him as the best Korean New Age musican. But Kim is more than that. He's good electronic musican, film music maker, Korean traditional musican, and so on. If you like Jean Michelle Jarre, Kitaro, or Vangelis, try some Kim Soo Chul Korean eletro-traditional albums. It'll taste very good.


He made some good film music, too.


In fact, he did lots of works and I can't tell you about that with this tiny page. Fortunatelly, recently his offical page has opened, of course with English. So I'd like to get you to that page. I wish you could find some more good infos from there~.


Kim Soo Chul offical homepage : It's worth to see! Check it out, man. You could read that site both in Korean and English.


Some real audios

: Kim's most famous film music, that film's well know overwide, too. Let's try some real audio with this music, and get some infos from his offical homepage.


1. Chun Nyun Hag (4:43)
2. You Bong Jib Ma Ru (0:55)
3. So Ri Gil (1:23)
4. Han Ryang Sool Ja Ri (1:25)
5. Gil (5:22)
6. Pye Ga Woom Mag (6:18) 


1. So Ri Gil (3:36)
2. I San Jer San (Gil) (4:15) 
3. Chun Nyun Hag (1:55)
4. So Ri Je Pye Ga Bang An (3:17) 
5. Sun Chang Ga (7:43) 


: This is his latest work. "Pal Man Dae Jang Kyong", which roughly translates to "80,000 Great Words" is the first in a planned series of albums that are aimed at making this internationally recognized cultural relic (Korean National Treasure Number 32) more accessible to the people of Korea and the World. Want to know some more, visit his offical homepage. Sorry, you could listen to the very short version of these music.

1. The gathering storm (07:03)
2. The tides of battle (11:42)
3. Journey to valhalla (05:57)
4. At st. peter's gate (16:12) 

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