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Fuck Censorship!!!

This is KOREAN death/hardcore V/A album. In this album, we could meet 4 KOREAN groups, DIABLO/SLAM/OFF/SEED. Among them, DIABLO/SLAM is not so bad, OFF/SEED is quite good.

1. Oh! My God : DIABLO
2. Fall to the Abyss : SEED
3. Mi Chin Dalg (Crazy Chicken) : OFF
4. Silence : SLAM
5. My Warning against the World : DIABLO
6. Ja Pan Gi Wui Seul Peum (The sadness of automatic selling machine) : OFF
7. Hwi Sang (Recollection) : SEED
8. Cuttin' Cords : SLAM

OFF is playing music as CANNIBAL CORPSE. Of course, there're tons of rip-off of CANNIBAL CORPSE, but OFF is another good band, as I think. 3rd. track and 6th. track are both good.

SEED was as AT THE GATES when they recorded this album, but I know that they changed their genre to GRIND CORE as BRUTAL TRUTH or something. They released their 1st. album recently, but I've not heard it yet.

DIABLO and SLAM are not so good, so I don't write something about them here.

In Korea, there are some DEATH/BLACK/HARD CORE bands here. But they release few albums, so this is very important work to listen to KOREAN DEATH METAL. Not very good, but worth to check out to know KOREAN DEATH scene.

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