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!!! MOONSHINE : One of Korean best BLACK METAL BAND !!!

Of course, you might not heard about this band before. But this is very good black metal band. At 1992, there's a band named DEATHRASHER. They played and barked grind-core. At 1994, they had to go army. (In Korea, every man must be on military service.) So they broke up. Of course, they returned to the dark after they're out of the military service... At 1996, they gathered as MOONSHINE and here it goes. They released only 1 demo tape, but they're so good. Worth to listen. I'll give you some infos, interview about that band here.

Something about MOONSHINE

MOONSHINE interview (with ghoul zine): It's their 1st interview outside KOREA.
MOONSHINE offical homepage: You could see their bio, listen to their music(REAL AUDIO) here.
MOONSHINE Fan page by gogo webzine : Sorry, this site is only written in Korean. ^_^;


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