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!!! NAM KI NAM is Korean ED-WOOD !!!


There's ED-WOOD in America. And here's NAM KI NAM in Korea.

  There are tons of LOW-BUDGET movies all over the world, and most of them suck very much. But, you might know that how many BIG-BUDGET movies suck.(For example, American [GODZILLA]!!!) Of course, sometime I go to near theatre and enjoy seeing BIG-BUDGET movies, but if it is another HUGE-SIZED TRASH, I'm eagerly to blame its director and production very much.

  LOW-BUDGET or BIG-BUDGET or even NO-BUDGET doesn't matter at all. It does matter if that movie is funny, enjoyable and full of interesting thing or not.

  NAM KI NAM is very unfamous for his LOW-BUDGET movie making in Korea. In fact, he's made movies from 1970's, and over 100 movies. (For 26 years, made 104 movies!!!)

  At 1970's in Korea, there was a rule that movie-marketting company must make 5 movies to export foreign movies. NAM started making movies fast, low-budget, and cheesy. Producers call for him when December comes. He could make 2-3 movies at once, within a week!!! You might know RAY SHIM, who is the owner of ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION. In fact, he started movies with Dir. NAM and SHIM learned lots of things from NAM. They made some YOUNG-GOO type movies, and it became a stereotype of Korean b-movies. And to his glory, some of his movies earned lots of money at that time! ([YOUNG-GOO AND TTANGCHILI] is the best sold-out movie in Korea till now, over 2 million people saw that movie in theatre.)

  I hope you could get some infos about NAM from this site, and was happy to see something about him. ^_^

  !!! MOVIES !!! (Coming soon)

CHUN NYUN HWAN SAENG : His latest ghost movie!!! Made in 1996, and seen in 1998 summer. He is still making cheesy movie.

PUMBA & PUMBA WHO CAME LAST YEAR : They are the first movies that RAY SHIM and NAM KI NAM worked together, and RAY SHIM debut movie!

YOUNG-GOO AND TTANGCHILI : It hits best in Korea (2 million came to see!) and one of his best work with RAY SHIM!

PYOUNG YANG MAEN BAL & PIYANG BAKCHIGI:  Another good work from NAM KI NAM. You would see LEE JOO IL, who's one of the best Korean comedian, uses his head to head-butt!

  !!! INTERVIEWS !!!

From <Cine 21> (1998. 07. 1st week) : It is interview with NAM in Korean weekly movie magazine <CINE 21>. It is written in Korean and I summarized and translated it by myself. This article is worth to see and the only thing for him.

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