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These movies are some of the best NAM KI NAM movie.

Do you know LEE JOO IL? He's one of Korean greatest comedian who acted as a fool, like RAY SHIM, but much more popular and older than SHIM. After he got famous, some movie company did works with him, but almost every movies got failed except for this movie with NAM KI NAM. [PYOUNGYANG MAENBAL(The boy who don't wear shoes and came from PYOUNGYANG)] is not so good work, sometimes very boring and very cheesy. In this movie, JAPAN force KOREA to be under their government. In early era of the 20th. century, JAPAN really got KOREA and this situation is very common in Korean movies and TV drama. LEE JOO IL acted as MAENBAL who's only high school student. (Okay, okay. RAY SHIM acted as elementary stuednt, and LEE JOO IL acted as high school student. That's ve-rr-rry cheesy, I agree.) MAENBAL is a boy who's fool, but fights very well. If he take his shoes off, he could run very very fast. His main technic is head-butt with his bald head. He fought and fought with lots of Japanese villians, police, yakuza and so on. Storyline? That's not important. LEE JOO IL acts here, fights there, defeats them. That's all.

LEE DAE GEUN is not a comedian, he's rather a martial arts actor in Korea. (Of course, not like JET LI and JACKIE CHAN.) He's acted lots of gang movies before this film, [PIYANG BAKCHIGI(The man who does head-butt and came from PIYANG - PIYANG is another word for PYOUNGYANG)]. LEE DAE GEUN acted also as a high school student, and he uses his head very effectively. I think [PB] is much more interesting than [PM]. Storyline is simple and doesn't matter at all. You must see flying over head-butt by LDG! This is one of the best NAM movies.

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