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This is the 3rd. movie ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION made. It's well mixed up of [POWER RANGER] (JAPANESE HEROES) + HK martial art movies + [STAR WARS] (Especially [RETURN OF JEDI]) and so on. This movie is funny and interesting by itself, but if you could find something what they took from other movies, you would be happier.

Story line is also simple. (In fact, all of their movies are simple.) A good alien princess was followed by lots of evil aliens. She ran to the earth and met YOUNG-GOO. (Huh, he's main actor of this movie again!!!) She gave a necklace and it transformed YOUNG-GOO into the most powerful human weapon POWER KING! And... he destroy every enemy!!!

This movie is also cheesy sometimes, but good things are much more than their past works. You must see the incredible speedy opening scene. Small space ships are running through the wood (like in [RETURN OF JEDI]), but they are more speedier than [ROJ]!!! I know that this movie was released in USA as [AMICRON]. [POWER KING] and [AMICRON] is almost the same movie, but Z-N changed some scenes because American don't like Asian actors.


Horror zone review! (Korean) : 

You could find some good review for this movie here. But only in Korean. 


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