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RAY SHIM debuted as movie actor from these movies!

Do you remember that I said RAY SHIM was just a comedian? Of course, he was a good comedian, but just a comedian. Director NAM picked him up and took this movie, and SHIM started his career as a movie star.

[PUMBA] was the name of Korean beggar. (In fact, there are no more PUMBA here.) They are not only beggars. They are entertainer who sing TARYUNG, and performed very interesting dance. They had very strict rules, as this. If one of them raped innocent female, he would die. They didn't do violent things to people for their food, they only performed and people gave them food. They had huge local guild, and if they visit another local guild, they would show homage to another guild with all their heart. They were very friendly character. [PUMBA] was another good Korean traditional stuff. But not any more. We could see them only in movies and acts.

[PUMBA] was originally an act, monodrama. It has showed over 10 years (about 20 years, now?) NAM KI NAM thought that he would make that act as a movie, and he picked up RAY SHIM as a main actor. Of course, it includes some of good things. This movie tells us about their life. They were beggars, but very good persons. They had good rules, people loved their songs. But, plot was not so good. RAY SHIM was famous for his stupid-acting. But he must act as the leader of the local beggar guild. He would act stupid, but sometimes very smart, and that was the first time he acted in a movie. So the entire movie is not so good, not so funny. You could hear some PUMBA songs in this movie, and it's very traditionally good. This movie was about when JAPAN took over KOREA, so everyone (including PUMBAs) fought against JAPANESE goverment.

[PUMBA WHO CAME LAST YEAR] was the next movie. I said that [PUMBA] was not so funny. Maybe NAM wants this movie more funny. RAY SHIM acted just a foolish PUMBA, not so a serious leader of the guild. This movie was not the sequel to [PUMBA], just entirely another movie. RAY SHIM and LIM HA RYOUNG (another comedian who worked with RAY SHIM lots of times, on TV and movies.) starred this movie. Korean PUMBA leader decided to pick up 2 good men and wants to punish a local guild. Leader took place a martial arts match, so SHIM and LIM was the men. This movie is about their acting. More funny and interesting things. (In fact, I prefer this movie to PUMBA) Again, they struggle with JAPANESE goverment, but with more funny methods.

In these two movies, RAY SHIM was not superhero, and really stupid man. You could think that these are under average, but it's just the start for him. Nobody can do good from the start. If you want to see who were PUMBA and what they do, see these movies. Want to know more things, you must see act PUMBA (I think it is shown up to now.) and read books about them. (Sorry, only in Korean.)

You could see very young RAY SHIM in these movies. I think it's the best thing about them. ^_^

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