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With covers is the best!!! - Samoth of Emperor/Nocturnal Art Productions

You might know that there are some of black metal fans in Korea. About 3 years ago, Some of Korean has listened to EMPEROR, DIMMU BOGIR, SATRYCON, or somewhat. I know that Korea is the country where many black-ish albums are sold. I introduced OATHEAN last time, and here come SAD LEGEND.

1. Han
2. Jul Mang Wi Sae Byug (Dawn with dispair)
3. Seul Peun Gog Sung I Deul Li Neun Bam (Night with sad tears)
4. No Eul Jin Ho Soo Ga Wi Gong Her Ham (Emptiness along the lake with evening)
5. Young Hon Eul Il Er Ber Lin Se Gye (World without soul)
6. So Nyu Wi Hwan Saeng (Rebirth of a girl)
7. Wi Ro Woon Jang Rye Sig (Funeral of Sorrow)

This album is made of 7 songs and about 40 minutes long. As OATHEAN, SAD LEGEND sings with Korean lylic.

SAD LEGEND was just one-man band. Only  NAMAAH(d, v) was the member when he released first demo tape. And gathered some members later. I'm not sure SL is just a group, or one-man project band.

OATHEAN and SAD LEGEND both play KOREAN traditional-ish black metal, but there are some differences. OATHEAN used Korean instrumental, as 'Dae-Geum' (like flute) and 'Hae-Geum' (like violin). But SAD LEGEND used no Korean instrumental. Their playing style is alike Northern Europe style, but we can feel Korean feeling through it. We, Korean, can feel it directly, because it's ours. And you, foreigner, could feel it ethnic, what you feel from Northern Europe traditional black metal.

If you're a big black metal fan, or if you like ethnic-metal fan, or just if you like oriental-ish music, just check this CD out. Just from the artwork of album cover, you could feel some Korean feeling. 'HAN'.

'HAN' is one of important thing in Korean ancient culture, but it's very difficult to tell you briefly. Just listen, and feel it. And you could take it.

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