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Another Cannibal Corpse-ish brutal death band from Korea

You might listen to [LEGAL DEFENSE] album, which include 8 songs from 4 Korean death-thrash metal bands. Seed was there and played good songs. Finally, they released their 1st. album on 1998. At [LEGAL DEFENSE] they played like At the gates, but their style has changed as Cannibal Corpse in this album.

1. Cold fuck'in drug
2. Inserting her fear
3. Fall to the abyss
4. Natural instinct
5. Unbeliever
6. Mind static
7. Smeared
8. Dathetic angel's heads are crushed
9. Flashbacks
10. Lost 

Of course, we had met too many brutal death bands here and there, and you could think this is not intersting album at all. I would agree with you about that. This is worth to listen for a Korean rock album, but not very excellent album for brutal death album. 3rd. track [Fall to the abyss] was in [LEGAL DEFENSE] album as At the gates style, but in this album, it's like Cannibal Corpse style. Check it out~.

Offical site : Seed home page (Sorry, only written in Korean)

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