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UREME (Thunderbird from outer space)

This is UREME 1st. After this movie,
RAY SHIM was very well-known as ESPERMAN.

This is the 1st. movie that RAY SHIM become superhero. Of course, he debuted with the director NAM KI NAM, but this made SHIM more famous. It was made in the mid 80's, and hits very much in Korea. Lots of sequels and rip-offs were made from this movie.

It's mainly rip-off of JAPANESE SUPERHERO. Director KIM CHUNG KI was very famous Korean animation director, but from this movie, he changed his career into movie maker. (Unfortunatelly, his change was not very successful. He earned lots of money, but all in vain...) This is the 1st. movie that SHIM and KIM worked together, and they made some more movies, as SHIM and NAM worked together.

SHIM HYOUNG RAE (RAY SHIM) is a good boy, but due to the plane-accident, he's a fool now. One day, a spaceship was gone down to the earth, because villians took after them. C-MAN and DAILY was in that ship, and they want HYOUNG RAE to be ESPERMAN, so he can destroy the evil. ... And the movie started.

Of course, this movie is very cheesy and SFX is not very good. But this movie opened another trend in Korea, and though this movie is very cheesy, lots of 20's or 30's of Korean remember this movie as their kid-memory. It was followed 6 sequels and 2 more movies. (Maybe 2 are re-edited of another 6 movies?)

Like this style, he made POWER KING(AMICRON) later. This movie isn't so cheesy, and worth to see for all of you SUPERHERO MADNESS!

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