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Of course, the most important thing you want to know about KOREAN B-MOVIES
would be YONGGARY 1998. Lots of people talk about that monster movie here and
there, but none of them are Korean. Everyone is foreigner, so they can get such fresh
informations as I can get.

That's why I built this site. You want to know, I want to let you know. Of course, almost
everyting about making [YONGGARY 1998] is behind the curtain, so I can't get lots of
infos every day. But, I think, I could take some more datas than you could get.

I would like to updated this page as soon as possible, though hard to get infos. Check this
site out often, and you could get something good that your friends can't take. ^_^

These are photos taken from their booklet for markets.

March., 15, 1999

Surprisingly, [YONGGARY 1999] site has opened in Korea. It's unoffical, but it's the one and only site all over the world. Sorry that it's only written in KOREAN.

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Sep., 22, 1998

I also visited ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION yesterday and saw something.
1. ZERO-NINE will not  make [YONGGARY 1998] as B-movie. RAY SHIM(SHIM HYOUNG-
    RAE's new English name.) will make it as big as hollywood blockbuster. I saw their miniature set,
    computer graphics, and character design. Wow, it would be great! Of course, I'd prefer B-movie
    to big-budget movie. (So it's sad to me. ^_^)
2. In Korea, a good 1-hour documantary about ZERO-NINE was showed through MBC. It was
    good to see, and I attended that program to say something about ZERO-NINE movies. I would
    copy it to my traders. (Of course, trade. ^_^) I got another tape from ZERO-NINE which includes
    another brief documentary from Korean broadcasting, and even from CNN!!!
3. RAY SHIM said they would give me infos from time to time. First, they made new poster, and when
    I get it, I'll update it here.

Sep., 16, 1998

Kim Mi-Jung visited ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION recently, and she wrote article on
Korean page. I translated that here. She's a good movie-learning student.

"Taking film would be from Sep., 27, 1998. It would take 2 months to finish with camera.
After camera works, it will take 6 months more. And YONGGARY 1998 will be held Jun.,
1998 at USA. (As for Korea, 1-2 months late.) CANNES market is a little bit late for this
film, they will attend MILANO and NEW YORK market.
  We visited Computer room. I don't know about computer well, but there were some
expensive machines. As for Mechanic room, Martial arts room, Miniature room, they
are also good.
  And... they plan to sell YONGGARY 1998 making film! I don't know exactly when.
  If you want some more questions, ask her directly.

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