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This movie is one of the best NAM KI NAM movie with RAY SHIM. YOUNG-GOO is the best well-known character by RAY-SHIM, and after this movie, he got more famous.

YOUNGGOO is a stupid boy, like Ernest or Mr. Bean, but more stupidier than them. In fact, this character is based upon [YER-RO], which is very famous 70's Korean TV drama. KBS remade that drama as weekly comedy for Korean show, and RAY SHIM was famous with that show. And finally, RAY SHIM got that character into movie.

This is the 1st. movie that RAY SHIM got into movie industry. Before this movie, he always a comedy actor. But after this movie, he become a producer or something.

YOUNGGOO lives at country. He is old, but for his stupidness, he always plays with elemantary school boys. He has a dog named TTANGCHILI. They play silly and stupid things everyday. But one day, urban family has arrived into their town. In fact, they are all monsters... Dracula, Fox with nine tales (Korean monster), Spooky (Chinese monster), Werewolf, the Reaper (Korean), ... and so on. They want Frankenstein back to conquer the world, and they need blood to do that. People are disappearing, but only YOUNGGOO knows about it. ... And... ... the fight begins... Yeah!!!

Of course, this movie is very silly, cheesy and stupid. Almost every N-movies are so. But if you enjoy B-movies, you would be very fond of this movie. First of all, you could not see such many monsters in one movie. Secondly, the opening is very excellent. (One woman voice wants the audience to call YOUNGGOO like western cult flim!) Finally, YOUNGGOO character is enjoyable.

About 2 million people went to the theatre for this movie, and it's the best record in Korea. (Unfortunatelly, it is unoffical. Korean movie industry don't want this movie's score... -_-) After this movie, Korean child-movie pattern has entirely changed. (About 5 years ago, [UREME] has changed so. RAY SHIM has changed lots of things!!!)

If you want only 1 movie with NAM KI NAM and RAY SHIM, it's the best. There are lots of YOUNGGOO movies in Korea, but this is the start. (I don't see all of them, so I'm not sure this is the best.) Later NAM and SHIM made some more YOUNGGOO movies, but all of YOUNGGOO movies are not made by NAM. NAM and SHIM made lots of other movies that SHIM don't act as YOUNGGOO. I'll tell you about them later.

P. S. : In fact, YOUNGGOO is ZERONINE in Korean language. That production name is after that, because it is the most famous character for him. ^_^  

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