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This is the 1st. movie ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION ever made. It's a kind of monster movie, but not so excellent. (In fact, cheesy things are full of this movie. )

Story line is very simple. YOUNG-GOO (Mr. Shim acts this innocent elementary school boy by himself!) is a stupid boy, but his heart is warm and good. One day, he went into a cave and there were a small earthquake. Earth was broken and an GIANT EGG has appeared from that accident. And from that GIANT EGG, a baby dinosaur was born. YOUNG-GOO named it as ZU-ZU, because it growled as saying 'ZU-ZU'. And... story goes on like thousand of other movies. Some villian captured ZU-ZU, and his mother (or father) got angry to destroy everything before it.

Of course, this movie is very very cheesy. But you would know that the great [TIRANO'S CLAW] was made only after making this movie. [YAZ] was only a 'cheesy' warming up. Main theme song of this movie was composed and sung by KIM CHANG-WAN who is the leader of SANULLIM. SANULLIM is the most important legend of Korean rock.

*** ZERO-NINE(09) means YOUNG-GOO, and it is the most famous character who Mr. Shim ever played. He starred lots of movies with this character, but they are not from ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION.

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