Ah ah, you might see very few of KOREAN B-MOVIES. But there're tons of B-MOVIES in KOREA. Yes. Some of them are very muthafuckin' cheesy. But others are brillant. Now I suggest you would enjoy some of them. At first, this site is very small. But it'll grow soon.

!!! DIRECTORS !!! (Coming soon)

SHIM HYOUNG-RAE (RAY SHIM) movies!!!: You might not have heard his name. He's the DIRECTOR and RODUCER of [YONGGARY 1998]. Check it out!
NAM KI NAM movies!!! : He's KOREAN ED-WOOD!!! He's been making over 100 movies from early of 70's. He made almost every genre he would make. (Horror, comedy, melodrama, ero, ...) Almost every his movies are cheesy, but worth to see.

!!! Foreign movies !!! (Coming soon)

AGE OF DEMONS & interview with DAMON FOSTER : It's the JAPANESE HERO rip-off movie made by an brave American in his 30's! It's well mixed up with HARDCORE PUNK + BLACK MAGIC WITCH + BIG BREAST WOMAN + BRUTAL KILLING + JAPANESE SUPER HERO + HK KUNG-FU ACTION + ... Cheesy, but full of interesting things to enjoy.
AGE OF DEMONS new review!!! : There was a screening (-_-) of this cool movie, [AGE OF DEMONS] at Feb., 7th., 1999 in [FILM GARAGE] at South Korea. 20 people attended at that ceremony and all of them were satisfied with that flick. This writing is originally for usenet. See it for more detail!!!

Horror zone! (Korean)

You could find some reviews for Korean horror movies here. Unfortunatelly, this site is only written in KOREAN.

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