I think you might not have heard of his name. But you might have heard his new-coming work, [YONGGARY 1999]. Of course, he's making that flick. At first, he was very famous comedian (as Jim Carrey, Kitano Takeshi, or ...) and he starred lots of chessy movies for kids through 80's and 90's. And finally he became DIRECTOR and PRODUCER. He established ZERO-NINE production at 1993 by himself. (ZERO-NINE is "YOUNG-GOO" in Korean and this is the most famous character fo his own.) From that, he had made 4 movies for theatre and 3 for video. Video-movies were too cheesy, but theatre-movies are worth to see. His movie style is after NAM KI-NAM, who's KOREAN ED WOOD. (I'll make another page for NAM KI-NAM later.) So his movies are a little bit cheesy. But in many ways, his movies are improving. And... [YONGGARY 1999] will come to us soon. ^_^ Now I have very little articles to read, but I'll upload more and more soon for all of you. I think this is the 1st English(and Korean) homepage for Mr. SHIM. You would find something more from this. See ya later~ and check the updates out!


SHIM's movies


1. ZERONINE movies

YOUNG-GOO AND DINOSAUR ZUZU (1993): ZERONINE's first movie, very cheesy monster movie. 

TIRANO'S CLAW (1994): It's very clever cave-man movie! You would be shocked by this incredible brillant low-budged movie!!!

POWER KING(AMICRON) (1995): Something mixed up Power ranger + Star wars + ... and so on.

DRAGON TUKA (1996): Historical + Zombie + Power ranger + SF + ... Something cheesy, but good!


2. NAM KI NAM movies

PUMBA & PUMBA WHO CAME LAST YEAR : They are the first movies that RAY SHIM and NAM KI NAM worked together, and RAY SHIM debut movie!

YOUNG-GOO AND TTANGCHILI : It hits best in Korea (2 million came to see!) and one of his best work with NAM KI NAM!


3. KIM CHUNG KI movies

UREME (Thunderbird from outer space) : From this movie, RAY SHIM became to be SUPERHERO!


4. another movies.

Article about Mr. SHIM!

From SHIN DONG AH (Jul. 1998): So long post, but worth to read about MR. SHIM. A must read!!!

YONGGARY 1999 SITE!!!(English)

This site is hosted by iodo, which sells Korean video - music. You could find some cool infos about YONGGARY 1999 here!

YONGGARY 1999 site! (Korean)

Finally, here comes a site for YONGGARY 1999!!! You could see all the articles and reviews for YONGGARY 1999 and RAY Shim. Unfortunatelly, this site is only written in KOREAN.

Horror zone! (Korean)

You could find some Ray Shim movie reviews here. Check 'Korean horror movie' category. Unfortunatelly, this site is only written in KOREAN.

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