This is the 2nd. film ZERO-NINE PRODUCTION ever made, and the best filck what they made. This movie is about DINOSAUR and CAVEMAN within stone age.

Of course, Mr. Shim was the main actor of this movie, but he didn't play YOUNG-GOO at this movie. Anyhow, he's some kind of very brave pre-historic warrior!!! This movie is worth to see only because of his different act.

And... this following article was written by Dan Mitchell. I think I can't write better review than he wrote (in English). He got this movie from me, and he wrote this article in alt.horror for me. ^_^ (But he mistook my name for KIM JUNG. -_-)

If you want any good review of this movie, contact ORIENTAL CINEMA. Damon Foster wrote some good review about this movie years ago.

Got this in trade (thanks, Kim Jung)...and I think he would appreciate some comments.

Alrite.  First of all...get stoned before you watch this.  It's a film that's in the 'post-Jurassic-Park-goofy-caveman' genre, and DOES have a few 'nyuks' along the way.  It's worth it to see the teeth (of the cavenmen/women that is)...really baaaad teeth.  And the 'Head-Butt' dinosaur...*L*...it's this guy in a rubber dinosaur suit, and it makes a duck-quacking sort of sound.  You know, that dinosaur that has the boney head?  It's that one...and it head-butts a few cavemen, and they go flying. (In fact, MOST of the dinosaurs in this movie are guys in rubber dinosaur suits.)  Even the ptaridactyl (sp?)...it's like a guy inside a hang-glider inside a ptaridactyl suit...with this weird bird head.  Then there's the half/monkey/half cro-magnon/really hairy cannibal guys.  And there are giant rats (guys in giant rat suits)...and generally a lot good uncivilized behavior (ie...throwing meat...fighting over foood...hitting each other with stone hammers...good grunting).  In other words, 'Coming soon to a Mystery Science Theatre episode near you.'

Worth a look.


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You could find some good review for this movie here. But only in Korean. 


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