This is 4th. and most recent ZERO-NINE movie. After this movie, they're working hard to make [YONGGARY 1999]. Some of this movie is very good, but another part of this movie is very very cheesy. Of course, movie making technology has growned, but they are not put together well.

Storyline is a little bit more complicated, but not to give up. It's not so difficult to understand everything as you think first time to see this movie. 3-400 years ago, there landed an evil alien who named TUMA. He's very bad villian and universal police are after him. He took a huge monster named TUKA. (This movie named after that monster.) He needed girl's blood to increase TUKA's baby, so he threatened that villagers. An old-wise man wanted to defeat them and hired some MUSA(as SAMURAI in Korea), but all of them failed and he died. After he died, his soul goes to the future and took YOUNG-GOO (He strikes again! But at this movie, he's not an elementary school boy. He's just a PIZZA-BOY. ^_^) to the past. That old
man wanted Y-G to defeat evil, but Y-G had no power to fight. So he wandered that world and fell asleep. At that time, the universal police appeared and uses Y-G's body because they can't work at this earth without body of this earth. And... the adventure again!!!

To my sad, cheesy things are here and there. I wish they could do without cheesy things, but they couldn't. I think you, b-movie likers, would enjoy this movie. In fact, this movie has lots of good things. You could some interesting Korean ancient characters and good action scenes.

This is not an excellent movie, but not bad movie, either. This is only an enjoyable movie.

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